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Which Is Right For You? – Garden Vacuum or Scirocco

Garden VacuumFor many the garden is their own little slice of paradise during the spring and summer months, as it’s filled with bursts of colour and the smells of various flowers and plants. But as the colour fades and autumn turns into winter, many homeowners will abandon their gardens.

For those more green-fingered amongst you though, you’ll appreciate that the change in seasons doesn’t mean that the gardening work ends; but that those garden appliances which have been trusted over the last few months are put away in place of other garden appliances.Read more

Easy Tips to Remove Fallen Leaves From Your Garden

How to Remove Fallen Leaves from Your GardenYou’ve spent all spring and summer tending to your garden, ensuring the flowers are in the right areas, and all visible signs of weeds are removed. Now that spring and summer have passed, and the flowers have faded away, you may think that your time in the garden is up for the year. Unfortunately, at BuySpares, we know that this is not true – especially if your garden is surrounding by trees.

During the final months of the year, gardens can become covered in fallen leaves. If left on the ground, these can hinder the growth of plants come next year. To make sure this doesn’t happen in your garden, we’ve come up with two suggestions on how to remove fallen leaves. We’ve also included tips on what to do with the fallen leaves afterwards.Read more

Light Up The Outside of Your Home This Winter

Garden LightsA common theme for many of us during the winter is leaving the house for work in the dark and returning home in the dark, with a bit of rain normally thrown into the mix. Whilst nothing can be done about the wet and gloomy winter days, by installing outside / garden lighting around the home, you can help ensure that the walk up the path isn’t a leap of blind faith.

There are a number of outside / gardening light options available, depending on your requirements and budget, and at BuySpares we’ve selected three which we think you should be considering, in the form of….Read more

Essential Garden Appliance Maintenance For Winter

Essential Garden Appliance MaintenanceAs sad as it is, summer is almost over and it’s time to put your gardening appliances such as your lawnmowers and trimmers away for the winter months; but before you do so it’s important to carry out some maintenance work, to ensure that come next spring your garden appliance is ready to be used – helping to keep your garden in top condition; and below we’ve shared our vital tips for your garden appliances.Read more

2 Must Have Winter Garden Appliances

Garden Appliances You Need in WinterDuring the summer months, with your flowerbeds in full bloom, the lawn cut to the perfect length, and with butterflies floating around your garden is a little slice of paradise; and there is no reason why during the autumn and winter months, with the right care and attention, your garden cannot continue to look beautiful.Read more

How To Pick The Perfect Grass Trimmer This Summer

How to Pick the Perfect Grass Trimmer When it comes to maintaining your garden, weeding the flowerbeds and regularly mowing the lawn to ensure that it stays the right length to remain healthy are only part of the job. The other half is making sure that the edges are also well maintained, and to do this it is likely that you’ll need to take advantage of a grass trimmer – but which one do you choose for your garden?Read more