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How To Get the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

Get the Perfect Cup of CoffeeIn 1675, the King of England (King Charles II) banned coffee houses claiming that they were places people met to conspire against him. Thankfully, fast –forward to 2014 and there are not only a number of coffee shops on each High Street but also a wide selection of coffees available. To help you create the perfect cup of coffee at home, at BuySpares we stock a variety of coffee makers, coffee maker consumables and grinder essentials.Read more

How To Make The Perfect Pancake?

Pancake DayPancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday to use its proper title, is only a few days away so now is the perfect time to make sure you have all the kitchen equipment you need to impress the whole family with your pancake making skills. This post includes all the information you need for pancake success including a basic pancake recipe, a guide to the best tools for the job and a few suggested toppings!Read more

What Are The Benefits of Slow Cooking…

Benefits of Slow CookingIf you are thinking of buying a slow cooker or one of your family members already has one that they can’t help but rave about, then this post aims to outline the benefits of adding a slow cooker to your kitchen arsenal.  After all is there anything better on a cold winter’s day than coming home to a hearty casserole or warming stew?Read more

What Are You Doing For National Baking Week?

Baking is a true British past time and it has never been more popular. The profile of home baking has been raised by hit TV shows like ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and the ‘Hairy Bakers’. This is sure to have inspired you to get involved and this week is the perfect opportunity to start and do your bit for a really worthwhile cause at the same time.Read more

Get Your Student Essentials From BuySpares

It is that time of year again when the students go back to university. Whether it’s you that is starting your studies or a family member – it always pays to be prepared. For many, going to university is likely to be the first time out of home and while it is a fantastic opportunity to develop some life skills, it is beneficial to ensure that the essentials are in place to make the transition easier.

At BuySpares we have everything a student needs to settle seamlessly into student life and student accommodation.Read more