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Stop Limescale Build-Up In Your Coffee Maker

coffee beansLimescale can develop in your machine with every use – just like a kettle – and it can start to affect the performance of the machine and even the taste of the coffee if left to build-up!  Limescale damage is avoidable. If you act now you can prevent the negative effects of limescale build-up like loss of efficiency and failed parts.Read more

How Clean Are Your Kitchen Appliances?

Fridge CleaningAppliance hygiene is a big issue and it has been in the news recently concerning the dangers of bacteria forming in washing machines due to people washing at lower temperatures. But your washing machine isn’t the only appliance that needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. This is the first of a series of posts we will be publishing to provide some simple tips for ensuring your appliances are hygienically clean.Read more

Need a New Remote Control?

Need a new Remote Control?Can’t find the remote control for your TV or DVD player? Have you checked down the back of the sofa? Underneath the sofa maybe? Ok, then it’s officially lost.

Or maybe your remote’s just been kicking around for so long that it barely responds to your channel-changing commands anymore, even with new batteries.

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