The Adaptor For Watching TV In Your Caravan

Caravan TV AdaptorIf you have a caravan, boat or motor home and you want to be able to watch a portable TV then powering it can be a problem. However with the aid of a simple caravan TV adaptor cable you can power your TV from the cigarette lighter. This innovative adaptor is just one of the accessories for caravan and boat owners available from BuySpares.

In this post we look at some of the most popular accessories for cleaning, using and enjoying your motor home, boat or caravan. These include aerials, essential cables and pressure washer attachments.

Watch a 12v TV in Your Caravan

You will need a TV that has been designed for use in a caravan or motor. These types of TV will often be referred to as 12v TVs for motor homes and they are readily available and can be bought from numerous websites. The TVs vary in size but they usually have between 12 and 19 inch displays. Once you have found the right TV you will need to buy an inexpensive caravan adaptor for your portable TV.

At BuySpares you can buy the TV adaptor cable for caravans required for under £10 and it is currently rated 5 stars by our previous customers. Here is what one satisfied customer had to say: Excellent part for my 19″ TV. It is perfect for use in the caravan and excellent value for money.”

Car Power Accessories

Portable Aerials for Caravans and Mounting Brackets

A battery powered aerial such as the Skytronic Magic Wand Amplified Aerial or the purpose designed Skytronic Magic Circle Aerial are ideal for getting reception in your caravan or motor home. These compact indoor aerials can receive all UHF TV channels worldwide including CH5 and Digital TV in suitable signal strength areas. At BuySpares we also have complete outdoor aerial kits containing everything you need to position a temporary aerial on your van. Many kits like the Skytronic Overlander Wideband Mobile Aerial Kit come with rubber suction fittings but for a more permanent and robust fixing we also sell mast clamps that are designed for caravan use.

Caravan Cleaning

A Karcher pressure washer is the easiest way to keep the outside of your caravan spotlessly clean. The standard wash brush supplied with some models of pressure washer features soft and gently bristles for a scratch-free clean. These brushes can also be purchased separately. With a Karcher you don’t need to worry about a permanent water supply as they can be use with a water butt providing you use the right attachment, fortunately at BuySpares we sell the genuine Karcher Suction Hose and Filter required. This innovative bit of kit makes it easy to intake water from your water butt for cleaning purposes.

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