How to Keep Your Home Safe Whilst On Holiday

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Do you ever find yourself on an idyllic sandy beach worrying about whether or not you locked the front door at home? Not being around to keep an eye on your property can be unnerving, but fear not. We’ve put together some handy gadgets to help protect your home whilst you’re not there along with some top tips for holiday peace of mind. So next time you go away there’ll be nothing standing in the way of your rest and relaxation.

Smart Plug And PhoneSmart plug

A great way to control things at home whilst you’re relaxing on the other side of the globe is with a smart plug. Smart plugs can be turned on and off remotely and scheduled with a timer too. Plug a lamp or TV into a smart plug and turn it on in the evenings to give the impression you’re at home and deter burglars. Just be sure to leave your home WiFi on while you’re away so the plug will work.

Padlock for shed

Burglars don’t want to be caught red handed carrying a crowbar so the tools they use will often be taken from garden sheds. You don’t want your house to be burgled with your own tools so invest in a sturdy padlock for your shed so thieves can’t gain access.

Honeywell Dummy Alarm SystemDummy Alarm

To further discourage burglars, alarms are proven deterrents, but they can be pricey. Dummy alarms are a great, low cost alternative and look just like the real deal. Some models even have built in LEDs to give the impression of a primed and ready alarm. Fixing a dummy alarm to the outside of your home is a great way to get the benefits of an alarm without the cost, though of course if someone does break in no siren will sound – you’ll need the real deal for that.

Dummy camera

Similar to the alarm, a dummy camera outside your property will give thieves the impression that you’re watching them and make them think twice before entering your property. As most thieves will attempt to enter from the back of your house to avoid the chances of being spotted by a neighbour or passerby, attaching the camera facing out over your back garden is a good idea.

Top Tips for Holiday Peace of Mind

  • If you’re parking in the airport avoid leaving valuables in your car wherever possible. Stow your GPS out of sight and make sure to lock your car, even if you’re running late for a flight. (Making a note of the area you’ve parked in is a good idea too; otherwise it’ll take you a fair while to find your car when you return!)
  • Check all taps are completely turned off before you leave home– a tap running even slightly for a whole week or two will be a nasty blow to your water bills.
  • Check all windows, doors and gates are securely locked when you leave.
  • Take the bins out before you head off to avoid smells attracting vermin whilst you’re away.
  • Make sure the oven and anything else that gets hot like hair straighteners or irons are switched off and ideally left to cool before you leave.
  • Leave a set of keys with a trusted neighbour and ask them to collect your post so it’s not obvious your house is unoccupied. (Just remember to buy them a thank you souvenir!)

You can find a variety of alarms and security systems on our site. Once you’ve taken all the precautions to keep you house safe while you’re away you can enjoy a truly stress free break. You don’t get to relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand everyday so make the most of it!

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