Childhood Camping: Fond Memories or Enduring Nightmares?

Childhood Camping MemoriesThe school holidays are about to kick in and millions of families will be packing up their tents and taking the kids on a camping adventure around the UK or even overseas.

Perhaps not surprisingly, while discussing childhood memories of camping trips it became apparent that every member of the BuySpares team had been subjected to life in a tent at least one point in their childhoods, whether with their families, friends or a group.

It seemed that we were quite divided in our opinions of camping being a good or bad experience, so a round-up of the team’s best and/or worst childhood camping memories seemed appropriate; I’m sure you’ll relate to at least one of our experiences!


My worst camping memory is dropping my toilet roll down the hole during my first (and last!) time camping with the Cubs! Let’s just say I was not a happy boy.


The best thing about camping is getting to cook your breakfast on a BBQ, and the satisfaction of eventually managing to put up the tent.

The worst thing about camping has got to be when it rains, as the tent will inevitably leak, and you get wet socks!


My favourite camping memory is waking up early one morning at around the half way point of the West Highland Way, I unzipped my tent and stepped out into the steely light of the pre-dawn to see an entire herd of red deer (around 30-40) grazing around 50ft from the tents. Forgetting my own breakfast, I sat in the cold morning dew for around 15 minutes, watching silently as they enjoyed theirs while the sun rose slowly over the mountains, with not a cloud in the sky.

My least favourite camping memory is sharing a tent with 6 other teenage boys for a week on Scout Camp, especially the night after we’d had curry for dinner!


The best thing about camping when you’re little is the excitement of being outdoors – it’s a bit of an adventure even if it you’re only in a friend’s garden. Even putting up the tent is fun (though this no longer applies when you’re older than 10).

Easily the worst thing about camping, or more precisely tents, is that they are absolutely freezing at night and ridiculously warm in the morning so you have no choice other than to get up at silly o’clock. That way you’re sure to be awake when there’s nothing open on the campsite and absolutely nothing to do!


I was forced to go camping with my dad every year as a kid, and the one thing that remains etched on my memory is waking up in the middle of the night with the tent completely surrounded by cows! Ordinarily they’re pretty harmless creatures of course, but when it’s pitch black and all you can see is their disproportionately large shadows moving around the walls of your tent, their gentle mooing seemed a lot more sinister!

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