5 Car Essentials You’ll Need This Winter

Car Accessories Essential in WinterDuring the winter months, we all take the time to protect our homes – from adding security lighting to smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors. But we should also be taking the time to make sure that we have the right car accessories and essentials to survive any winter conditions we may face on our journeys.

Each year, thousands of motorists are caught out by adverse winter conditions. But in an attempt to limit the chances of you becoming one of those motorists, at BuySpares we’ve compiled a checklist of what you should have in your winter car essentials kit.

Ice Scrapers & De-Icer:

Every winter, many of us face five minutes before we leave the drive in the morning scraping ice off our car windscreens. Unfortunately, many of us end up using a store-card or loyalty card to scrape the ice off, whilst leaving the car running and heaters on full blast, as we’ve misplaced the ice-scraper.

Make sure that this year; you’re not left scrabbling around for something sturdy enough to scrape ice of your car, by having the Rolson Ice & Snow Scraper to hand. Such a scraper is ideal for quickly removing snow and ice from your car; leaving you to travel in safety.

For those really tough jobs, and for those who drive a van or 4×4, at BuySpares we stock the perfect scraper, in the form of the Rolson 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Cold Weather Tool. The scraper not only makes the removal of ice straight forward, but its long reach telescopic handle prevents the need for stretching.

Along with using an ice-scraper to remove ice from your windscreens this winter, at BuySpares we also recommend using the Homecare De-Icer, which is formulated to quickly clear ice from the car’s windows. The de-icer can also be used to remove any ice which may have clogged up the lock on your door.

Travel Kit:

Car breakdowns are more likely to occur during the winter months than the summer, due to various parts gaining a fault. In the unfortunate event that you’re stuck on the side of the road with your hazards flashing, then you need to make sure that you’re safe whilst waiting for the tow-truck to appear.

One way to help protect yourself as you’re at the side of the road is to make sure that a travel kit in your boot, ready for whenever it is needed. The kit should include all the essentials you’ll require whilst waiting at the side of the road, from a hi-vis tabard through to an emergency triangle.

To accompany the travel kit, we’d also recommend having an emergency blanket in your boot. Made from a lightweight foil, the blanket helps the user to retain the most radiated body heat, whilst also being protected from the elements; helping to prevent hypothermia in those extremely cold winter days.


In addition to having a travel kit and emergency blanket to hand, we would also recommend making sure that you have a fully working torch within your car, such as one of the Wellco Cree torches, just in-case you breakdown.

In-fact, the Highways Code Test website lists the torch as one of the main essentials that you should keep in your car, for those situations where you’re unfortunate enough to break down on a country road.

The Wellco torches are perfect for such situations, as they are high quality and durable; whilst they also come in a range of different sizes, all of which have high performance light bulbs; providing you with the required light when it’s needed.

Mini-Air Compressor:

Whatever weather conditions you’re driving in, it is important to make sure that your tyres are correctly inflated. Under or over inflated tyres can have a serious effect on the braking capabilities of your car.

During the wet, icy and snowing conditions it is even more important to make sure that your tyres are correctly inflated, to ensure that you have the enough grip on the road – and you can help keep your tyres inflated at the correct pressure by keeping the Rolson Mini Air Compressor to hand.


Many of the essentials which you should have in your car during the winter months are for those worst-case scenarios; and the tow rope is no different.

If you do not have breakdown cover, the cost of being towed by a tow truck can be extremely costly; yet in most cases, these costs can be avoided if you have a tow rope handy.

Made from polypropylene, the tow rope is durable and reliable, and can tow approximately 1000kg. It also comes with steel hooks to secure it to the two vehicles, and warning flags to give other motorists enough notice of a slow moving vehicle.

Each of the items included the above car essentials list are available to purchase from BuySpares, meaning this winter you have no reason not to be prepared for the cold weather conditions which may hit; enabling you to travel safely at all times.

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