Hanging out the Washing just got Greener!

EcoForce Recycled Clothes PegsRecently the government has pledged to help people recycle more of their household waste, which is obviously a great step in encouraging us to be more ‘green’.

We recently started selling products by a brand called EcoForce who manufacture “everyday items made from recycled materials”, and this got us chatting about being Eco-friendly and what it meant.

Eco--friendly Recycled Household Products

The general consensus was that most people want to be more environmentally friendly but aren’t really sure where to start. Buying recycled products is an obvious one, but what seemed to put a lot of people off is the stereotype of them being expensive and not very pretty. So we were quite pleasantly surprised by the Ecoforce products, especially the nifty way they’ve managed to disguise their pegs as flowers.

In fact the Ecoforce Recycled Clothes Pegs are made completely from recycled plastic, even their spring system, which won them a Design Council Millennium Products Award, and are a mere snip at £2.50 for 24 pegs (or flowers if you prefer…)

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