Have You Stocked Up On Your Winter Essentials?

Your car and home can fall victim of the wintry weather if you are not prepared. Icy conditions can be a real nightmare and keeping your home cosy and warm is a daily challenge. This post looks at some of the essentials available from BuySpares to ensure you’re ready whatever the conditions.

Heaters & Radiators

Adding extra heat to the most commonly used rooms can be a real benefit during the cold winter days and nights. A freestanding heater or radiator is one of the easiest ways to turn up the heat precisely when you need it. At BuySpares we sell electric heaters from recognised brands like Dimplex, Wellco and Delonghi.

Electric Blankets

Keep warm on cold nights with an electric blanket. We have blankets in a variety of sizes including single, double and queen sized to keep you cosy.

De-Icer & Snow Brushes

An icy windscreen can slow you down in the morning and leave you rushing to get to work on time. Now is the time to get prepared and make sure that you are fully stocked up with de-icer, scrapers and snow brushes.

Cooker Spares

There is nothing like cold weather to make you crave a hearty, warming home cooked meal, so you don’t want your cooker letting you down. We have everything you need to keep your cooker in top condition including replacement fan oven elements and door seals as well as all the accessories you need to make the best use of your oven space and get baking. View our range of spare parts for cookers, oven shelves and baking accessories.

Tumble Dryer Parts

The opportunities to dry your laundry outside will become increasingly restricted as the winter sets in, so it is essential to ensure your tumble dryer is working properly. Parts such as the filters can be easily cleaned and maintained. Accessories such as tumble dyer balls can save you money and they are also good for the environment.

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