Let’s Talk About Small Appliance Spares

Small Appliance SparesYou wouldn’t hesitate to search for a spare part if one of your major home appliances like the washing machine or cooker develops a fault, however it is just as easy to repair and maintain small home appliances such as kettles, irons and food mixers. Just like major appliances, there are some parts that only need to be replaced if they fail and others that should be changed regularly to maintain performance.

One common small appliance part that needs to be changed regularly is the filter in your kettle. Kettle filters play a key role in ensuring you enjoy great tasting water. The filter is usually made of a fine mesh that is specifically designed to stop limescale, which can build-up inside the kettle, from reaching the cup.

If your kettle is clogged up with limescale residue and the boiled water appears to be cloudy, it may be time to replace your spout filter. At BuySpares you can buy replacement kettle filters for all the leading kettle manufacturers, including the perfect replacement for a clogged up Kenwood kettle filter and great-value Morphy Richards kettle filters.

Another small appliance that needs spare parts is the food mixer. With baking becoming increasingly popular, more of us are giving it a go. Food mixers like the Kenwood Kmix or the Kitchenaid Artisan have a vast array of attachments and accessories to aid you in conquering your baking challenges. However, these attachments can get broken or easily become lost, especially if you have recently moved house or you have not used the machine for a while and it has been in storage. We sell everything you need to keep your food mixer in top condition, including replacement whisks and beaters.Small Kitchen Appliances

You can also purchase commonly broken parts for microwaves, irons, coffee makers and breadmakers. Items such as microwave turntables get splattered with food debris during the cooking process and need to be removed for cleaning purposes. Unfortunately, these are made of glass and accidents do happen.

Your coffee maker and iron can be affected by limescale build-up if you live in a hard water area. Limescale can coat the internal components of an appliance, such as heating elements, and cause them to operate less efficiently or eventually fail. As part of your small appliance maintenance it is recommended that you use a good quality descaler product.

There are so many different types of small appliance on the market; it isn’t possible to cover all the spares available in this single blog post. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be looking at more small appliance care, repair and maintenance tips – so watch this space. If there is any particular appliances you’re interested in, let us know in the comments below.

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