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Coffee makerIf you like to start the day with a freshly made cup of filter coffee, then it is important to make sure you are fully stocked up on coffee maker filters. At BuySpares you can buy disposable filters like Dualit Paper Coffee Filters. But what about if you’re in the market for a new coffee machine – why should you choose filter coffee?

Filter coffee machines are easy to use, affordable and probably the simplest way to enjoy a freshly brewed pot of black gold at home. Unlike other coffee machine, options you only need cold water and ground coffee to get going.

How Do Filter Coffee Makers Work?

Most filter coffee machines follow the same process, regardless of the brand. They work by allowing water stored in the coffee machines tank to slowly pass through the basket containing the ground coffee. As the water drips through the coffee basket in infuses to produce the rich taste and aroma of an outstanding cup of coffee.

The water is collected and heated/kept warm in the coffee pot or carafe until you are ready to drink. How much coffee can be made at a time depends on the size, style and type of machine you have.

Coffee Maker FiltersThe Importance of Coffee Filters…

All filter coffee machines will have a filter. These are a key element in achieving a smooth coffee and there are generally two types. Models can have either permanent filters or disposable paper filters.

Machines fitted with a permanent filter means you won’t need to dip into your pockets to buy replacements, but they are usually tricky to clean and over a period of use they can taint. Paper coffee filters on the other hand need to be thrown out after use, but they are hygienic and save on cleaning.

If you’ve not gone in for homemade filter coffee before, hopefully you might be tempted to give it a go!

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