Crucial Christmas Maintenance for your Kitchen Appliances

Santa Baking In Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s especially important at Christmas time. You can’t cook dinner without your oven; you can’t keep your food fresh without your fridge and washing up will take over the whole of Christmas afternoon without your dishwasher.

Keep these three primary kitchen appliances, your oven, dishwasher and fridge, in top shape over the Christmas period with these tips.


Black And White Oven GraphicOven   

Give your oven a clean before Christmas Day, especially the door glass. Unless you have timed every aspect of the meal with military precision (and in some cases even if you have) it’s very hard to keep track of your Christmas food with so many different timings. With a nice clean oven door you can see exactly when the stuffing is golden brown and the pigs in blankets are sizzling.

Check in advance what you need to cook in the oven too, as you may find you don’t have enough shelves. If this is the case, you can get additional shelves and trays. See our video for the different shelves available to make the most of the space in your oven.


Black And White Dishwasher GraphicDishwasher

You want a dishwashing machine that won’t let you down, especially with the surplus of washing up there’ll be at this time of year. If you have to rinse your dishes after they’ve already been through a wash or remove stubborn spots of food after your machine has run, then you may as well be doing your dishes by hand.

Underperforming dishwashers could be caused by blocked filters that need cleaning or perhaps limescale around the internal parts if you live in a hard water area. Problems could even be caused by the amount of salt or rinse aid you’re using.

See the solutions to all of these issues in our video:


Black And White Fridge GraphicFridge

Hopefully at this time of year your fridge is full of delicious festive treats. Cheeses for the cheese board, a bird for roasting, cream for the Christmas pudding etc. Store your food in a nice clean fridge with the help of some dedicated cleaning products.

You also need the fridge light working to be able to see inside. How else will you engage in post-Christmas snacking (which we are all guilty of from time to time)? Here’s how to replace a blown fridge light bulb:

If you’re lucky enough to have a fridge that dispenses water and ice – great. If you also live in a hard water area, not so great, your fridge’s water filter will suffer from limescale build ups, get clogged and need replacing more frequently. But not to worry, we have replacements for you on our site.

For all those cooking the Christmas meal we wish you the best of luck. The stress will be worth it when the oohs and aahs of your assembled friends and relatives fill the dining room as you bring out your perfectly cooked Christmas feast.

Merry Christmas from the BuySpares team!

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