Beware of Bacteria Lurking in the Door Seal

Close Up Of Fridge Door Seal

We store food in our refrigerators in order to keep it fresh, safe and tasting great. In order to do this your fridge needs to be kept in good condition and this includes the fridge door seal. Failure to do this can make your fridge an inviting home for harmful micro organisms.

The reason we store food in the fridge is that refrigeration prevents the growth of food spoilage organisms and slows or even stops the growth of many food-borne pathogens, which can cause food poisoning.

The door seal plays a key role in the correct operation of a fridge. In order for the fridge to maintain the correct storage temperature it is important for there to be an airtight seal between the fridge door and the main storage unit.

If the door seal becomes damaged in anyway this can become a haven for bacteria and micro organisms, which can include food pathogens, according to a report from biotechnology and pharmaceutical consultancy, You can read the full report here.

Due to the way door seals work in order to provide the tight seal required, their design and structure is complex. Door seals typically include a number of folds and crevices where it is possible for dirt and food residues to accumulate, often undetected. It is therefore very important that you check and clean your fridge door seal on a regular basis. However, this in turn can but extra strain on the seal and have a detrimental effect in the long term.

Fridge Door Seal

Alongside the use of cleaning products, the constant opening and closing of the fridge can result in splits or cracks forming in the door seal. Areas particularly affected include the seal joints and folds. Food debris can easily collect in the cracks and become a very serious issue from a food hygiene perspective.

If your fridge door seal has become damaged or soiled then it is worth replacing it ASAP. Faulty seals not only provide a potential home for bacteria, but they can also cause your fridge to operate less efficiently – which will add to your utility bills.

We sell replacement door seals or gaskets, as they can be known, for most brands and model of fridge at BuySpares. Please note that on most fridges the door seal can be changed by a competent diy-er, however on some brands and newer fridge models the seal is built into the door and can not be changed separately. As with any repair you should consult the manual from the manufacturer before getting started.

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  1. Go Electrical UK

    June 21, 2012 | 23:35 - Reply

    This article is an eye-opener. That bacteria could be lurking in the door seal of our refrigerators would have been one of the least things in our minds if it weren’t brought to our attention. The thought of the bacteria getting into our food is frightening.

  2. James

    July 9, 2012 | 14:22 - Reply

    I must admit I read this article with my mouth a little open and just a little horror. We all get a little too comfortable with the thought of refrigeration being a bacteria stopper, but of course this is not entirely the case.

    Also, I have read other pieces about how surprisingly a fridge if not maintained properly can also be quite demanding on your electricity supply. It would appear from this article that the fridge door seal is instrumental in both saving electric costs. It is also something we have to keep a careful eye on to ensure we do not put ourselves at risk from bad stomachs and give insufficient protection against harmful bacteria.

    I am very grateful for the knowledge I have gained from reading this piece and on examination of my own fridge door seal soon discovered I had seriously neglected the door seal. Subsequently I will not hesitate to find out exactly what it takes to change my door fridge seal and all I can say is ewwww thanks for letting me know.

    We preoccupy ourselves with style and function and manufacturers fail to point these things out to us so I am especially pleased I came across your article. It may save me money and a spell of food poisoning so it can only be a good thing. I will change my seal forthwith.

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