How To Beat Odours in Your Household Appliances

Smelly Washing MachineHousehold appliances in all forms can gain odours as a result of constant use. The cause of these odours can be one of many things, but often involves a build up of mould and bacteria. At BuySpares we understand the consequences that odours, and the factors that cause them, can have on your appliances.

This is why, we’ve picked five common household appliances likely to suffer from odours and explained the steps which you can take to beat unpleasant smells; so without further ado the five appliances are…


Your dishwasher is an appliance which can harbour a lot of germs and bacteria, particularly due to food scrapings and residue often being left on pots, pans, plates and bowls when they’re placed inside of it.

Whilst it may seem that these little bits of food won’t cause any issues for your appliance, over time they can build up and lead to a number of problems. From blockages in pipes and filters, through to leaks.

Another problem the build up of food and such debris can have on your dishwasher is the release of bad odours. Whilst many of us would like to think that after a wash cycle has been completed the odours will disappear, they’re still likely to be there.

To aid the removal of bad odours from your dishwasher, it’s recommend to carry out regular maintenance washes which incorporate the use of BuySpares Limescale and Detergent Remover – giving your dishwasher a deep clean.

The remover helps to kill bacteria and reduce stale odours from your appliance by cleaning and sanitising all internal parts of the dishwasher. If used regularly, the remover can also help extend the life of your appliances at the same time as reducing energy consumption.


Your cooker comes under a lot of pressure during the daily preparation of your family meals, and as food spills and splatters build up, odours can occur – which in turn can contaminate the gourmet delights you’re cooking.

To help prevent odours from building up within your cooker, regular cleaning of the appliance is a must and there are a vast range of cleaning products available including the Indesit Group Oven Cleaner, oven cleaning kits and cleaning sprays.

For a more comprehensive clean to remove bad odours from your fridge consider using the Electrolux Cooker Care Pack, which consists of:

  • Oven Cleaner – designed to remove grease and burnt on food from ovens, shelves and electric grills.
  • Stainless Steel Protector – cleans and protects all stainless steel surfaces, removing dirt as well as greasy fingerprints.
  • Hob Cleaner – as with the oven cleaner, it has been designed to remove grease and burnt on food.
  • Hob Scraper – helps scrape away burnt on food debris from ceramic hobs.


One appliance which is used on a daily basis, but very few of us pay too much attention to is the fridge. We trust the fridge to keep our food chilled and fresh for longer; but from time-to-time the food we keep within our fridge can either spoil or spill, leading to odours.

To tackle these odours the first thing we recommend at BuySpares is to give the fridge a thorough clean, including all door shelves. Once the fridge has cleaned, placing a Wellco Fridge Deodoriser will help to keep bad odours at bay for longer, whilst also helping to prevent the cross contamination of food flavours.

Washing Machine:

The washing machine, an appliance you rely on to clean your dirty laundry and not an appliance which you’d expect to produce an odour. But as with any appliance which uses water, a build up of mould and bacteria can occur, whilst those living in hard-water areas are also likely to suffer from limescale, all of which can lead to odours appearing.

Tackling the build up of such odours however doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Even the simplest of solutions can help significantly remove odours within your appliance.

At BuySpares we recommend carrying out regular maintenance washes, on the hottest temperature possible, and also incorporating Wellco Washing Machine and Dishwasher Descaler into the process, helping to clean all internal parts and extend the life of the appliance.

Vacuum Cleaner:

When it comes to cleaning, your vacuum cleaner is an important appliance. But due to dealing with a variety of dirt your vacuum can begin to emit a strong, unpleasant odour – particularly if you do not regularly clean the filter.

Should your vacuum begin to emit odours, not only would we recommend emptying the vacuum bag / dust bucket; but we’d also recommend cleaning or replacing the filters. Once these two tasks have been carried out, empty a sachet of the BuySpares Vacuum Cleaner Air Freshener into the vacuum bag / dust bucket.

Using such cleaning products on your household appliances will not only help prevent the build up of odours, but it’ll also help prolong the life of the appliance in question, therefore saving you money in both the short and long-term.

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