How to Beat Baked-On Grease and Grime in Time for Christmas!

Hands Cleaning Oven

Cleaning the oven is arguably one of the most hated chores and it is one job we all love to put off. However, with Christmas just around the corner now is the time to get stuck in! Dirt, grime and grease can build up very quickly inside the oven and after a period of time and use this can be very difficult to remove.

The best way to maintain your oven is to clean it regularly to prevent unwanted build ups and avoid future problems or unpleasant odours. If, however, it has been a considerable time since you last tackled the oven then there are a few things you can do. But be warned it will take a lot of effort!

There are a number of tried and tested oven cleaner products on the market you could use. If using a shop brought oven cleaner, make sure that you read the label and safety information carefully and follow the directions for correct use. Although these products will help a lot, but remember that there is no substitute for hard work, so be prepared to scrub the oven clean.

A thorough clean should leave your oven sparkling clean and then all you need to do in the future is keep on top of the cleaning. At the same time as cleaning your oven it is a good idea to do some simple maintenance checks on your oven and missing or broken parts.

One of the most common parts to suffer from wear and tear is the cooker knobs. Over time the numbers can rub off the dials of the knob can snap or come off. Fortunately, cooker knobs are very simple to replace as in most cases they simply push into place.

You can buy replacement cooker knobs for all brands of cooker at BuySpares and they are usually fairly inexpensive.

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