Are You Changing Your Vacuum Bag Enough?

Vacuum Cleaner Bag

When it comes to cleaning your home, which one appliance do you rely on the most? For many, it is the vacuum cleaner. To get the most out of yours, it is important to make sure you take care of it and carry out regular maintenance. Part of this process involves emptying and changing the bag.

Why Should I Empty My Vacuum Bag?

Have you noticed when using your vacuum that it is offering a lack of suction or an unpleasant odour is being emitted? Is your vacuum cleaner failing to pick up dirt as you use it throughout the house or is dirt coming out of the hose?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then there is a good chance the vacuum bag is full.

Allowing your bag to become too full will significantly impact the performance of your vacuum cleaner, as well as increase the amount of time it takes to clean your home.  Regularly emptying your vacuum cleaner bag helps to prevent such faults occurring.

How Often Should I Empty My Vacuum Bag?

How often you need to change your bag will depend on the dirt you’re cleaning. If you’re cleaning up after sanding down wood or plastering for example, the smaller dust particles will clog up the pores in the bag. This in turn will significantly reduce the air permeability and performance of the appliance.

If, however you’re tackling everyday dirt the vacuum bags will be able to handle more dirt. But, as a rule of thumb we recommend you empty your bag before it becomes two-thirds full, as this will enable it to keep its suction.

Should I Change My Vacuum Bag?

Emptying your vacuum bag will help to prevent faults developing. But changing the bag on a regular basis is also important to keep your vacuum working at its peak performance and ensuring dirt is being collected.

Although some manufacturers recommend you change the vacuum bag once it becomes full, we understand and appreciate this can be expensive. But we still suggest the bag is changed on a monthly basis.

When it comes to changing your vacuum bags, it’s important to make sure you get the perfect replacement. The majority of vacuum bags are designed to be model specific, and by cross-referencing the bag with the model number it fits you’ll ensure you get the right one for your appliance.

Buying a New Vacuum Bag Doesn’t Need to be Costly:

When it comes to changing your vacuum bag, it doesn’t need to be costly. In fact, at BuySpares we stock an extensive selection of genuine and compatible vacuum bags to fit a range of makes and models, enabling you to keep your vacuum cleaner running for little outlay.

Our  range of vacuum bags include the BuySpares compatible vacuum cleaner dust bags which fit Bosch, Sebo and Cleanfix vacuum cleaners, the Hoover H58 Dust Bags which are suitable for a range of Omega, Hoover and Miele vacuum cleaners, and a vast range of branded bags.

By emptying and changing your vacuum bag on a regular basis, you can ensure the appliance is kept working to its full potential. It will also help to speed up the time it takes to vacuum your home, meaning you’ll be spending less time cleaning and more time relaxing.

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