5 Appliances That Make Amazing Christmas Gifts

Presents Under Christmas Tree

Still got Christmas gifts to buy? If you’re stuck for ideas, treat your loved ones to appliances that’ll make their daily lives a little bit easier and more luxurious. Appliances make great Christmas gifts and there are options out there to suit all budgets.

Black Portable Radio On White BackgroundPortable Radio

A portable radio makes a good present, especially for someone with an outdoorsy hobby. If your friends and relatives enjoy gardening, fishing, rowing or other outdoor pursuits a portable radio will keep them entertained whilst weeding or waiting for the fish to nibble.

Budget: Around £20


Oral B Electric ToothbrushElectric Toothbrush

Make your loved ones smile with a high quality toothbrush to make their teeth look and feel amazing every day. With the right brushing technique, electric toothbrushes remove more plaque and bacteria from the mouth than regular brushing. This gift is one for the adults though; it’s good for children to learn how to use a manual toothbrush first before moving on to an electric version.

Budget: Around £20 – £50


Bosch Tassimo Coffee MachineCoffee Machine

If you’ve got a bigger budget to spend, a coffee machine could be the way to go for any caffeine lover. Coffee machines are the ultimate appliances to make any kitchen counter feel more luxurious. Nothing beats being able to enjoy quality cappuccinos and macchiatos just like the ones in the coffee shops in the comfort of your own home.

Budget: Around £50 – £150


Teal Bosch Electric MixerFood Mixer

For someone who likes to cook and bake, a high end mixer like a Kenwood or a Bosch is a dream come true. There are so many attachments available that chop, mince, slice, knead and even make ice cream that practically every kitchen task can be made easier with this versatile machine. And of course there are lots of attachments for mixing too!

Budget: About £100 – £150


Samsung Robot Vacuum CleanerRobot Vacuum

There’s nothing more valuable than having extra free time to do the things you love and so an appliance that saves tame is an amazing gift. That’s what makes robot vacuum cleaners so desirable. Imagine never having to do the vacuuming again! Robot appliances are still pricey but can you really put a price on being able to put your feet up and still enjoy a lovely clean home?

Budget: Around £700 – £800


Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas for how to treat your loved ones this Christmas. For even more gift inspiration see our range of brand new appliances.

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