10 Top Tips to Get Your Money’s Worth When Buying a New Appliance

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Most of the advice we give focuses on repairing your appliances rather than replacing them so it may come as a shock to see us talking about buying new appliances. There are sadly times however when appliances are broken beyond repair, or are so old so that it’s actually costing you more to run them than it is to buy a brand new machine.

So if you do need to buy a new appliance these are the factors to bear in mind to ensure your getting the most machine for your money.

1. Check the energy efficiency rating

The energy rating isn’t just there to tell you how good your appliance is for the environment, it lets you know how much your appliance will cost you to run. The rating is measured from D (worst) to A+++ (best). When comparing between two appliances that cost the same and have similar functions a better energy rating could be the deciding factor.

2. Check how much standby power the appliance uses

As well as looking into the energy efficiency of your appliance, it’s worth looking into the standby costs too. The costs of leaving your appliance on standby can be minimised if you turn it off when not in use, but if you’re looking to buy a new fridge or freezer which will be switched on 24/7 standby power should definitely factor into your decision.

3. Take the length of the warranty into account

If your appliance goes wrong under warranty you can get it fixed or even get a brand new replacement machine for free so it might be worth going with a company that offers a longer warranty. In the unfortunate event your appliance does break down when the warranty has run out though, you can still save yourself potentially hundreds by looking into the cause of the problem, finding the spare part you need online and fixing your appliance yourself.

The level of customer service a company offers is also good to take into account. Third party review sites like TrustPilot let you see how satisfied other customers are with the company, so you can tell whether or not your problem will be well handled if something goes wrong with your machine.

4. Shop at the right time of year

Sale And Reduced Price Tags

If you know your appliance is on its last legs then plan ahead when making your new purchase to get the best deal. Bank holidays offers, seasonal sales (in summer and the New Year), shopping online and buying your appliances at a different time to everyone else (e.g. buying a lawnmower at the end of the mowing season) can all help you pay less.

5. See what others think before buying

One negative customer review shouldn’t put you off buying an appliance you think is right for you. Someone may just have been unlucky. However if the reviews of the product you are buying are overwhelmingly negative with many people making the same comments that should be a warning light. If the feedback is overwhelmingly positive on the other hand, you can feel more confident you are making the right choice.

If reviews from strangers are helping you inform your decision it makes sense to also get some feedback from those you know and trust. Ask around – if someone you know has an appliance they either hate or love they’ll most likely be more than willing to rant or rave about it.

6. Be prepared to try new brands

We human beings don’t like change much so often when going for a new appliance we’ll often choose the same brand as before, going by the thought process that the old appliance lasted a fair while and always did the job. It could indeed be the case that the brand you had before won’t let you down, but brands do fluctuate in quality and position themselves at different markets at times so it’s worth doing your research each time you buy new.

7. How loud is the appliance

You need to know if your appliance will disturb you. Most appliances, especially washing machines, vacuum cleaners and tumble dryers, will make noise, but some models are quieter than others. Compare noise stats (measured in decibels – dB) if a noisy appliance is a real deal breaker for you.

8. Don’t feel pressured by a sales assistant to buy

As appliance sales assistants are usually working on commission you may find that they try to persuade you to buy there and then. Take time to consider your decision instead and make sure the appliance in question ticks all the boxes you were looking for when you started out your search. You can even be sneaky and take advantage of the assistant’s expertise, then buy the same make and model cheaper elsewhere!

9. Compare the costs of extras

Delivery Truck With Appliances

Most companies offer extra services like home delivery, removing your old appliances and setting up your new ones. Compare the costs of these services as well as the appliance itself to find the best deal for you. Bear in mind that with a little internet research you can easily set up appliances like washing machines yourself so these costs can be avoided. Companies are required by law to take delivery of your old appliance in store for free to be disposed of responsibly so you may be able to take advantage of this too.

10. Size of appliance

Last but definitely not least be sure to measure the dimensions of the space where your appliance is going and double check dimensions of the appliance itself. The perfect washing machine isn’t so perfect if it doesn’t fit in the existing gap underneath your kitchen counter. For additional energy savings downsize your appliances as larger appliance will cost more to run.

Most garden and household appliances have quite a long life expectancy so with any luck it’ll be years before you need to replace your appliance again. Here’s how to keep your washing machine, dishwasher and cooker running as efficiently as possible in the meantime.

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