Which Numatic Cleaner is Right For You?

Numatic VacuumNumatic are a leading company in Britain for vacuum cleaners, most famous of course, for Henry. Even today, Henry hoovers are still manufactured in Chard, England. They started in 1969, making cleaners for industrial purposes, and have flourished ever since. But it’s not just Henry that is available for sale. There is a whole range of domestic cleaners. Here are a few of them and their functions to help you make a decision on which one suits your home:

Henry and Hetty

Henry is a little red dry vacuum cleaner. He is one of the most popular cleaners in production, an absolute classic! Henry has a stylish pink friend called Hetty. Both appliances come with a variety of attachments and are suitable for hard floors, carpets and stairs. Henry is ideal for every household, which is why he is so popular. Hetty has the same functions, but is more likely to be spotted in a feminine home.

You can now purchase Henry Xtra and Henry Micro. Henry Xtra comes with more attachments that are especially for carpets, and Henry Micro is approved by the British allergy foundation, who specialise in improving allergy prevention. There is also Henry Turbo, with a self-adjusting power brush. At BuySpares, we sell consumables and attachments to fit all models of Henry and Hetty.


Green Harry is great for carpeted households with pets because of its extra added features. He is relatively new in comparison to Henry and Hetty. With a cheery face, he is guaranteed to get you through your chores. If you wish to use Harry on your upholstery then look no further. We have the right upholstery attachment at BuySpares.


James is a smaller yellow Numatic cleaner with a caddy top, which is great if you are short of storage space. At BuySpares, we sell a wide variety of genuine  James vacuum cleaner spares.

Charles and George

These cleaners are for both wet or dry use. George boasts five cleaning options; he cleans upholstery, carpets, scrubs and dries hard floors and vacuums efficiently. Charles is a powerful cleaner, so to keep this power you are going to need the best accessories, such as a genuine Numatic wet pick up tool.

At BuySpares, we sell a whole range of spares and accessories for Numatic cleaners, so whichever one you opt for, when it needs a new vacuum bag or you need new attachment, we will be sure to stock it.

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