Rangemaster- The Story So Far

Rangemaster SparesRangemaster are renowned for their archetypal range cookers, being responsible for  ‘Britain’s best loved range cooker’. The Kitchener range cooker was developed in 1830 by William Flavel, son of John Flavel, and was the first of its kind. This was such an innovative product at the time, allowing the user to boil food, warm it, roast and bake it, all from the same heat source!

In 1851, when William’s son Sydney took over the business, he exhibited the Kitchener at the Great exhibition in Crystal Palace.

In the 20th century, Rangemaster and its sister company AGA, continued to develop innovative cooking products to suit modern needs, spurred on by advances electricity and gas technology. As style at this time was of importance, Rangemaster were the first to sell cookers in a variety of colour ways to suit the kitchen.

Ever since Rangemaster began, they have been working to enhance the cooking experience for those of us with a desire for masterfully cooked food. Even today, their excellent range cookers are being manufactured in Leamington Spa, where they began.

Rangemaster Spares, Rangemaster Parts and Rangemaster Accessories

Although Rangemaster are best known for their cookers, it’s not all that they do. They put as much thought into the quality of their cooker hoods, dishwasher, fridges and freezers to chill all of your summer goodies.

If one of your beloved Rangemaster appliances breaks, there’s a good chance that you will be able to fix it yourself with our wide range of genuine Rangemaster spare parts. As well as spares parts, we sell Rangemaster accessories such as grill pans, hot plate covers and cleaning accessories.

There are so many reasons to purchase a Rangemaster appliance, and here at BuySpares you will find the Rangemaster spare parts you need to maintain your appliance for years to come.Rangemaster Spare Parts

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