Let’s Talk About De Dietrich- Innovation and Beauty

For over 300 years, De Dietrich has been developing technically to achieve brilliance. The brand is renowned as one of the leading suppliers for superb kitchen appliances. They started out in the iron working trade. Over following periods, De Dietrich extended into the steel sector, decorative ironwork and railway rolling stock, with fine design and revolutionary solutions always as the motivating element.

Timeline of Achievements

1684 Forge bought by Jean De Dietrich, with the initiaDeDietrich Spare Partsl focus being the ironworking trade. He then went on to be nicknamed ‘the king of iron’.

1778 De Dietrich introduces logo.

1910 Mertzwiller cooker launched. This was the founding product for De Dietrich home appliances, and also the first wood and coal cooker.

1968 Pyroclean ‘self- cleaning’ oven was launched.  Pyro clean technology is an important feature of a De Dietrich oven that has been incorporated into today’s De Dietrich ovens.

2003 ICS technology develops (Intelligent Control System)

2005 Home appliance business acquired by the Fagor Brandt group.

2007 Colour matrix oven launched.

2011 De Dietrich introduces the stylish and innovative piano- The zoneless induction hob, with excellent safety features.

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