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Morphy Richards SparesMorphy Richards produce so many types of home and kitchen appliances that you probably own at lease one. Their range includes everything from vacuum cleaners to slow cookers, and of course, we sell genuine Morphy Richards spare parts for all of them. In this post we take a look at the Morphy Richards brand in more detail to see what has made them such an innovative and well-loved brand.

Morphy Richards have a strong history dating back to the mid 1930’s. Over the years they have operated in a number of markets, producing everything from the first heat-controlled steam and dry iron in 1954 to radio cassettes in the 80’s – even manufacturing aircraft components under Government contract during the Second World War.

It was in the 1990’s that Morphy Richards significantly expanded they product range. During this time innovation was at the forefront of their product range with irons, kettles, sandwich toasters, coffee makers and cookware among the most advanced on the market.

Today Morphy Richards continues to thrive and more households in the UK have a Morphy Richards product than any other appliance brand (source: The brand’s products are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of consumers.

We have any spare parts you need to get the best out of your Morphy Richards appliance including kettle spares, kettle filters, iron spares and vacuum cleaner bags.

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