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4 Vacuum Cleaner Tools to Help You Clean

4 Vacuum Cleaner Tools to Help You Clean

Did you know your vacuum cleaner only removes about 80% of dirt from your floors? Other dirt is able to remain loose and hide in the corners of your room. But, by accessorising your vacuum cleaner with the correct tools there’s no reason why you cannot provide your home with a deeper clean.

To help you pick the best vacuum tools for your vacuum, below we look at the 4 which will help you get a deeper clean.Read more

Stop Your Vacuum Cleaner from Stinking

Stop Your Vacuum Cleaner from Stinking

80% of dirt on your floors is removed by your vacuum cleaner. But what happens when your vacuum begins to stink, making it difficult to use without unpleasant odours wafting throughout your home?

Surprisingly, this isn’t an uncommon problem in the UK, but it is one which is easy to rectify – if you provide your vacuum cleaner with the TLC it deserves, and to help we explain in this post the 3 most common reasons a vacuum smells and how to combat it.Read more

How to Fix Loss of Suction in a Vacuum Cleaner

Loss of Suction in a Vacuum Cleaner

Since being invented in 1901 by a British engineer, Hubert Cecil Booth, vacuum cleaners have become vital in the battle for keeping homes clean. As more of us strive to remove as much dust, dirt and allergens as possible vacuum cleaner manufacturers have been improving their models to offer us a better clean.

Yet, despite the advanced technology vacuum cleaners faults can (and do) still develop faults, with a common fault being a loss of suction.  Such a fault will see your vacuum leave dust, dirt and various allergens such as pet dander, dust mites and pollen in your home – meaning your home isn’t as clean as it may appear.Read more

How to Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Running

Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Running

In the daily fight of keeping your home tidy, the vacuum cleaner is an invaluable appliance to have in your cleaning arsenal. Previously, we have looked at “How to Pick the Right Vacuum Cleaner”, the “4 Must Have Vacuum Cleaner Tools” and “How to Change a Vacuum Drive Belt”, enabling you to make the most out of the appliance.

In addition to following the advice outlined within these posts, there are other steps we recommend you take if you want to ensure you keep your vacuum cleaner working to its full potential. These include:Read more

How To Easily Change a Vacuum Drive Belt

How to Change a Vacuum Cleaner BeltAt BuySpares we get asked a lot of questions relating to a number of appliances and specific faults. Some appliances seem to pop up in questions more than others. To help you repair rather than replace those household appliances over the coming days, we’ll be looking at three of the more common questions and answering them.

In the first post, we look at how to change a vacuum drive belt.Read more

4 Must Have Vacuum Cleaner Tools

Must Have Vacuum Cleaner ToolsWhen it comes to vacuuming, many of us will understandably believe that whizzing the vacuum cleaner over the floors will remove all dirt, dust and debris, leaving our homes clean. However, dirt can hide in areas where the standard vacuum cannot reach, which is why it is important to make sure that your vacuum is tooled up.

Some of the vacuum cleaner tools we recommend ensuring you have to utilise your vacuum cleaner include….Read more

How to Pick The Right Vacuum Cleaner

How to Pick The Right Vacuum CleanerThe vacuum cleaner is the one household appliance which we rely on to clean the home. Unfortunately as with all household appliances wear and tear through general use can take its toll and prevent the vacuum from working; as discussed in our previous post “Prolong the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner”.

If your vacuum cleaner has recently stopped working, before you go and purchase a new one there are a few things which you’ll need to consider. To give you a helping hand we’ve highlighted three key areas below.Read more

Which Is Right For You? – Garden Vacuum or Scirocco

Garden VacuumFor many the garden is their own little slice of paradise during the spring and summer months, as it’s filled with bursts of colour and the smells of various flowers and plants. But as the colour fades and autumn turns into winter, many homeowners will abandon their gardens.

For those more green-fingered amongst you though, you’ll appreciate that the change in seasons doesn’t mean that the gardening work ends; but that those garden appliances which have been trusted over the last few months are put away in place of other garden appliances.Read more