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How To Fix a Freezer Which Isn’t Freezing

Freezer isn't Freezing

Whether you’ve got an issue with your Beko fridge freezer not working correctly due to it not freezing, or your Hoover fridge freezer has problems reaching the correct temperature, there’s no reason why you cannot repair rather than replace the freezer yourself.

To give you a helping hand, below you’ll find advice on the 5 most common faults relating to your freezer not freezing, details of some of the less common faults and more importantly guidance on how to repair your freezer.Read more

Why, When and How to Defrost the Freezer

How To Defrost a Freezer

Have you started to notice a thick layer of ice covering the inside of your freezer? Is the appliance no longer performing to the best of its ability? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time to defrost it. Below we look at why, when and how you should defrost your freezer.Read more

How to Select The Perfect Freezer

How to Select the Perfect FreezerAlthough the freezer is one of the household appliances which uses the most electricity, due to being left on around the clock, it’s also one of the most invaluable appliances. As such, when it comes to purchasing a freezer, it’s important to make sure you’re selecting one which not only meets your needs and requirements, but is also energy efficient.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled the following guide.Read more

What No-One Tells You About Freezers But You Need to Know

What No-one Tells You About FreezersOur freezers are important appliances within the kitchen, and as with all household appliances they need a lot of care, attention and maintenance to keep them working at their best and effectively.

To give you a helping hand at keeping your freezer working at its optimum level for years to come, we’ve answered some of the more common questions relating to freezer care, below.Read more