Pennies CharityIf you are a regular reader of this blog then you will know that in March of this year we launched the Pennies electronic charity box on our BuySpares website. It has been live on the website for a little over 6 months and so far it has been a roaring success. We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated so far and let you know how much you’ve raised…

Congratulations, so far you have donated over £2000 for good causes, including the John Taylor Hospice, which provides quality specialist medical, nursing, clinical and social care services for people with life-threatening illnesses in a caring and friendly environment.

The actual total raised so far is: £2882.81 and it’s growing everyday!

For those that are not familiar with Pennies, it is a really simple way of donating a few pence when you buy an essential appliance spare part or accessory. The principle is the same as the charity box at the checkout of your local supermarket.

Pennies gives every shopper the opportunity to round-up their order with the extra pennies going to charity. We are delighted with the way that BuySpares customers have embraced the new Pennies feature and look forward to raising even more money in the coming weeks and months.

A Big Thank You once again to everyone who has donated.

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