BuySparesAt BuySpares we are always looking for ways to optimise our operations, make life easier for our customers and do our bit for the environment. In recent months we have made great strides with regard to the latter. As well as improved recycling initiatives in our headquarters and distribution facility, we are working hard to do away with paper invoices.

If you shop online regularly then you will be used to seeing paper copies of invoices included with your order and given that we send out thousands of parcels from our West Midland’s based distribution centre every week, this is a lot of paper! We believed there had to be a better way of providing this information to our customers and thus the idea of our ‘less paper invoicing’ initiative was born.

As a result, we have replaced the traditional paper copy by incorporating the key invoice details into our existing despatch confirmation email. As well as saving paper, we believe that providing the information electronically also makes it easier for our customers to use and store – just in case they need to query or return an order!

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