BuySpares ReviewsIt seems like only yesterday that we launched the product reviews feature on the BuySpares website, but we have been inundated with responses from ‘have ago repairers’ telling us what the like about the product and parts we sell as well as what they would like to improve.

Thousands of Reviews on Hundreds of Parts:

So far BuySpares customers have reviewed everything from kettle filters and cutlery baskets to trimmer line and whisks for Kenwood Chef Food Mixers. The reviews that have come in so would suggest that, for the most part at least, our extensive range of appliance spares and accessories has lived up to your expectations, with products regularly being praised for the quality, ease of fitting and reliability.

Honest Opinions From Real Customers:

Customer Reviews BuySparesThe product review feature only went live at the end of November 2011 and we have already surpassed the 10,000 review mark and this number is growing by the day! We believe that these product reviews are an invaluable addition for both our existing customers and those new to the BuySpares website. Next time you need to buy a spare part or accessory you will be able to read the views of people that have bought and fitted the exact same product – if you’re lucky this might even include some helpful tips or information to help you in installing the part.

Another Reason to Tell Us What You Think

If the thought of helping out your fellow repairers isn’t enough, then throughout April there’s even the opportunity for you to win an iPad for reviewing your purchase.

As competitions go, it could be any simpler. Once you’ve made your purchase and the part has been despatched, we will send you an email requesting a review. All you need to do is give us your honest opinion on the product and you’ll be entered into our prize draw, from which a winner will be selected at random from all reviews meeting the entry criteria.

A big thank you to everyone that’s left a review up to now and remember you could be next…

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