Is Your TV Ready for the Summer of Sport?

Get Your TV ReadyIf you’re not lucky enough to be going to Rio then you’re likely to be watching the games at home on TV or perhaps you’re having a BBQ or party to support your team with friends and family. To ensure your viewing goes without a hitch you will need to ensure both your TV and outside space are kept in the best possible condition.Read more

What Are The Tools Every Gardener Should Own

Garden  ToolsThe new gardening season is upon us and you will want to make sure you have all the tools you need to tackle everything from weeding and pruning to hard landscaping and planting. If you are an experienced gardener then you will probably have a number of trusted tools in the shed, but remember it is always worth checking them thoroughly and replacing any broken parts on garden appliances before use. This post is likely to be of greater benefit to those keen gardeners that are just starting out.Read more

Find Your Black & Decker Garden Spares

Black & Decker SparesBlack & Decker are a major manufacturer of garden appliances. Now that spring has sprung, you are probably getting ready to tidy up the garden in time for the sun. If you dig your Black & Decker lawnmower or string trimmer out of the shed and there are some bits missing or parts that are a little worse for wear, then our range of genuine Black & Decker spare parts will be of interest.Read more

How To Clean Up After Your Jubilee Party

So, for most of us the Jubilee parties are over. What a time to remember! A heart felt four day weekend filled with joy and celebrations. It was fantastic to see so much red white and blue! Hopefully, for the majority of us, things ran smoothly and went according to plan for a weekend to be enjoyed by all. Some of us have had sheltered barbeques, some of us threw street parties, and now, unfortunately, there’s the daunting task of cleaning up after this joyous occasion. Where to start? The kitchen perhaps? Here are a few pointers to help you keep calm and carry on.Read more

Get Ready for Your Jubilee Party

Jubilee PartyThe Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate her 60 year reign than with a party, which I’m sure most of us have planned to do. Hopefully we will be able to go ahead with our garden parties if the weather carries on being as great as it has been. Some of us will even participate in a good old fashioned street party. Britain will be covered in bunting and cheerful decorations. Patriotic red white and blue are the must have colours so get creative with your food and drink! Here are a few ideas to get you on your way to your Jubilee celebrations….Read more

Which Numatic Cleaner is Right For You?

Numatic VacuumNumatic are a leading company in Britain for vacuum cleaners, most famous of course, for Henry. Even today, Henry hoovers are still manufactured in Chard, England. They started in 1969, making cleaners for industrial purposes, and have flourished ever since. But it’s not just Henry that is available for sale. There is a whole range of domestic cleaners. Here are a few of them and their functions to help you make a decision on which one suits your home:Read more

Protect Your Phone With 7 Vibrant Shades

iPhone CaseThe number of people using smartphones in the UK is on the up and this trend shows no sign of stopping. Smartphones do far more than the traditional mobile phones. They let you browse the web wherever you go, listen to music and watch videos. The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones currently available and they can be expensive, so keeping it protected should always be a priority.Read more