How To Take Good Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner CareVacuum cleaners are wonderful appliances. They have been around for over a century, and I’m sure most of us would be lost without them. We all want our vacuum cleaners to work like new whenever we use them, but over time they can become tired and less efficient. Here are a few common faults and maintenance tips to help you achieve a longer lasting appliance and help to fight loss of suction…Read more

Get Baking With Our Simple Cake Recipe For Beginners

Baking AccessoriesStuck for something to do with the kids over the bank holiday? Why not have a go at baking something tasty. If you’re a beginner in the kitchen then the best thing to do is a plain sponge cake. The basic recipe is easy to do and it can be jazzed up later with various exciting toppings, or cut in half and filled with jam to make a classic Victoria sponge.Read more

How To Find The Right Chainsaw This Summer

Right ChainsawSummer provides you with a great opportunity to tidy up the trees in the garden, especially if the weather turns out to be good. Chainsaws aren’t a necessity in every garden, but they are useful for certain jobs such as branch/tree cutting. If you have many reasons to use a chainsaw, then this post will be a good read should you decide to purchase one. If you just need it for a one off job over the bank holiday then it might be worth considering renting one. Whatever you want it for, here are a few pointers to help you find the right one.Read more

Get Fit in Time For The Holiday Season!

Beach Body ReadyWith less than 100 days until the Olympics, and all the talk of the London Marathon, you may be feeling inspired to get fit. As we all know, a new season is fast approaching so you may also be thinking about getting into shape in time for your summer holiday. If you’re contemplating taking up walking, running, jogging or dancing, then music on your smart phone is a must have!Read more

Make Sure Your Tablet Is Up To Scratch

In terms of internet browsing, things have moved on a lot in recent years and people now have access to the web wherever they go. This is due to the prevalence to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The popularity of these portable devices is on the rise and if you’ve recently purchased one, then we’ve got all the tablet accessories you need to keep it in ‘as new’ condition.Read more

Belling Celebrate Turning 100

Belling is a leading manufacturer of cookers and other kitchen appliances. They are one of the UK’s best-loved appliance manufacturers and 2012 is a very special year for the Belling brand as they are celebrating their 100th year of manufacturing innovative kitchen appliances. Remember, if there is a fault with any of your Belling appliances, we sell a huge range of genuine Belling spare parts.Read more

DIY This Spring? Try Out a Feature Wall!

DIY TipsIn our recent blog post; ‘100 Tips For Your Home & Garden’, we mentioned the idea of a feature wall. A feature wall is a fantastic way to brighten up your living space at a relatively low price.  You could use feature paint, wallpaper or removable stickers on a single wall for an extra added dimension. A feature wall is a great way to show a bit of personality in a room, and draw attention towards a certain area. Use bold colours to create a more dramatic effect.Read more