Make Sure Your Tablet Is Up To Scratch

In terms of internet browsing, things have moved on a lot in recent years and people now have access to the web wherever they go. This is due to the prevalence to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The popularity of these portable devices is on the rise and if you’ve recently purchased one, then we’ve got all the tablet accessories you need to keep it in ‘as new’ condition.Read more

Belling Celebrate Turning 100

Belling is a leading manufacturer of cookers and other kitchen appliances. They are one of the UK’s best-loved appliance manufacturers and 2012 is a very special year for the Belling brand as they are celebrating their 100th year of manufacturing innovative kitchen appliances. Remember, if there is a fault with any of your Belling appliances, we sell a huge range of genuine Belling spare parts.Read more

DIY This Spring? Try Out a Feature Wall!

DIY TipsIn our recent blog post; ‘100 Tips For Your Home & Garden’, we mentioned the idea of a feature wall. A feature wall is a fantastic way to brighten up your living space at a relatively low price.  You could use feature paint, wallpaper or removable stickers on a single wall for an extra added dimension. A feature wall is a great way to show a bit of personality in a room, and draw attention towards a certain area. Use bold colours to create a more dramatic effect.Read more

We’ve Got All Your Qualcast Spares

Qualcast Spare PartsQualcast are known as one of the leading names in British garden care equipment and we offer an extensive range of Qualcast spare parts.

Their focus on energy efficiency, recycling and the development of greener products has resulted in the award of several British & International standards. Not only are their products designed to keep energy consumption down, they also take noise levels into consideration. Whether you have a cylinder, rotary or hover mover, it is essential that your lawnmower is kept in great condition to survive the numerous cuts that will be needed during the summer season.

Read more

Are You Tackling Odd Jobs Around the Home This Spring?

DIY TipsWe are all familiar with the spring clean, but it is also the perfect opportunity to do some of those jobs you’ve been putting off for a while. There is never a shortage of things around the home that could benefit from a little bit of TLC, whether it’s fixing a wonky shelf or replacing a tired carpet or just about anything else – it pays to have the right tools for the job.Read more

Find Out Which Lawnmower is Right For You?

Lawnmower GuideIt can be very difficult to decide which lawnmower to buy. The choice will depend largely on the size of your garden as well as the finish you wish to create. It is worth taking some time to consider these before you press ahead with your next purchase. It is also worth remembering that a lawnmower is an important part of your lawn care arsenal but not the only factor in achieving the perfect lawn, guaranteed to impress the neighbours.Read more

Introducing Electronic Invoices to Save Paper

BuySparesAt BuySpares we are always looking for ways to optimise our operations, make life easier for our customers and do our bit for the environment. In recent months we have made great strides with regard to the latter. As well as improved recycling initiatives in our headquarters and distribution facility, we are working hard to do away with paper invoices.Read more

Your Simple Buying Guide to Cylinder Mowers

Qualcast LawnmowerIf you don’t have much knowledge on different types of lawnmowers, you may have no idea what a cylinder lawn mower is and what the benefits are.  They are usually the mowers used to cut luxury grade lawns. Gaining some knowledge of cylinder mowers will definitely help you make the right choice when it comes to purchasing such an appliance and its accessories.Read more

10,000 Reviews and Counting…

BuySpares ReviewsIt seems like only yesterday that we launched the product reviews feature on the BuySpares website, but we have been inundated with responses from ‘have ago repairers’ telling us what the like about the product and parts we sell as well as what they would like to improve.Read more