BuySpares Team Trek for Charity

We have been doing fundraising events to raise money for the John Taylor Hospice for several years and we have even made it possible for our customers to also support this great cause through Pennies. Earlier this month some members of the BuySpares team helped raise more than £5000 by taking part in TrekFest!Read more

Don’t Be Left Irritated By Your Shaver!

Don't Be Left Irritated by Your ShaverA dry shave with your electric shaver is one way to get a clean, close shave every time but, like all appliances and devices around the home, you need to maintain it effectively to guarantee the very best results.

If your electric shaver is a year or so old then the cutting heads or foils may have become worn out. You can buy replacement heads, foils and cutters for shavers from the major manufacturers at BuySpares including both Braun shaver parts and Remington shaver foils.Read more

The Adaptor For Watching TV In Your Caravan

Caravan TV AdaptorIf you have a caravan, boat or motor home and you want to be able to watch a portable TV then powering it can be a problem. However with the aid of a simple caravan TV adaptor cable you can power your TV from the cigarette lighter. This innovative adaptor is just one of the accessories for caravan and boat owners available from BuySpares.

In this post we look at some of the most popular accessories for cleaning, using and enjoying your motor home, boat or caravan. These include aerials, essential cables and pressure washer attachments.Read more

Is Your Bosch Dishwasher a Fire Hazard?

Bosch Spare PartsIn 2011 Bosch issued a product recall for a number of dishwasher models and some of these models are yet to be accounted for. The fault affects Bosch Dishwashers manufactured between 1999 and early 2005 purchased and used in the United Kingdom only.  In a small number of cases the fault has caused fires and if you have a faulty machine you should contact Bosch for a repair to correct the issue.Read more