3 Travel Tips for an Enjoyable Journey

Travel TipsWhen it comes to travel tips, at BuySpares we prefer not to take the motorway like everyone else. Instead we often prefer to take the more scenic countryside route, which offers pleasant scenery whilst still getting you to your destination in a safe and quick fashion. As such, our “out of the box” travel tips below look at ways of making all travelling, whether a quick visit to the shop or long journeys across the UK, an enjoyable experience.Read more

Essential Garden Appliance Maintenance For Winter

Essential Garden Appliance MaintenanceAs sad as it is, summer is almost over and it’s time to put your gardening appliances such as your lawnmowers and trimmers away for the winter months; but before you do so it’s important to carry out some maintenance work, to ensure that come next spring your garden appliance is ready to be used – helping to keep your garden in top condition; and below we’ve shared our vital tips for your garden appliances.Read more

How To Keep Your Tumble Dryer Running

Tumble Dryer MaintenanceYour tumble dryer is one appliance which for half the year goes relatively unused, yet as soon as winter arrives is put through its paces as you fight with the weather and a short space of time to get your freshly washed clothes dried for the next week.

Pushing your tumble dryer to the limits however can take its toll on your appliance and lead to faults occurring, and ultimately your appliance giving up the ghost and you looking for alternative ways to dry your clothes, which is far from ideal.Read more

2 Must Have Winter Garden Appliances

Garden Appliances You Need in WinterDuring the summer months, with your flowerbeds in full bloom, the lawn cut to the perfect length, and with butterflies floating around your garden is a little slice of paradise; and there is no reason why during the autumn and winter months, with the right care and attention, your garden cannot continue to look beautiful.Read more

Win a Delonghi Espresso Coffee Maker

We are delighted to announce a new and exciting opportunity for all of our Facebook fans. BuySpares is running a LIKE and SHARE competition, where all fans will have an equal chance to win the Win a Coffee Makerbig prize.

The competition will run for 3 weeks starting on Monday 22th September 2014 and is planned to end on 10th October 2014.

To enter the competition, participants simply have to like the BuySpares Facebook page and share the ‘Win a Coffee Maker‘ post.

The winner will be chosen at random by BuySpares. All entries must be submitted before 10th October 2014 in the name of an individual person. The prize can only be awarded to the person whose name is on the winning entry.

To enable free delivery by our courier the winner must provide their full name, a UK mainland delivery address with postal code and a mobile number. The prize must be claimed within 20 days of the announcement of the winner.

The prize of the competition is a  Delonghi Espresso Coffee Maker

There’s no cash alternative – it’s a fun competition!

Don’t wait or forget about it and miss out – enter now!*

*This competition is now closed, but check our Competition Blog section for your next chance to win with BuySpares.

Achieve Streak Free Windows With Karcher

Karcher Window VacCleaning windows can often be seen as a chore. But with sticky fingerprints from children, paw marks from pets and everyday dust, dirt and grime taking their toll on the windows; it’s a chore which needs to be carried out regularly. Unfortunately, the days of neighbourhood window cleaners seems to have passed by too, meaning that many homeowners are left with having to clean the windows themselves – which can pose a number of problems.Read more

Deep Clean Your House, Now the Kids are Back at School: Part 2: Flooring

Deep Clean Your HomeWhen we were younger it seemed that summer holidays from school were the hottest days of the year with little or no rain. Today, on the other hand it seems like we’re lucky to have a solid week of nice weather during the school holidays, and the changing between hot and dry to wet and windy days during the holidays often takes its toll on the state of the house.Read more

8 Handy DIY Tips You Need To Know

Swap Ideas DayToday’s date, September 10th, is unlikely to mean that much to any of you. In-fact it is likely that it’s just another Wednesday, meaning you’re halfway through your working week and nearer to the weekend. However, September 10th is more than this; it’s also “swap ideas day” – and at BuySpares we think that this day is one worth celebrating.Read more