Washing Machine Error Codes Explained
You’ve sorted your laundry out, loaded the washing machine, selected the wash cycle and pressed start; yet nothing has happened.  Such situations can be frustrating, especially if the laundry is needed that day. Thankfully, your washing machine is likely to indicate what the issue is, in the form of an error code which will flash up on the control panel.

To give you an idea of what these codes mean, we’ve highlighted some of the most common error codes in a range of washing machines, below.

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How to Clean Your Cooker Hob

From steaming vegetables and boiling pasta, through to cooking a fry-up or chilli, the cooker hob is an important appliance within the kitchen. Yet, as with all cooking appliances, the hob is susceptible to a build up of dirt; especially if a lot of fat is produced from the food.

As a rule of thumb spills and splatters which occur during the cooking process should be cleaned at the earliest opportunity. We recommend whilst the cooker hob is still slightly warm to touch, that you use a damp cloth to wipe away any spillages – and this technique can be used across all hob types.

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Have you found one of your home or garden appliances has a faulty part and is in need of a replacement? To ensure you get the perfect part for your appliances, you’ll need to know the model number – and this infographic explains how to find the model number on the 16 most popular home and garden appliances.

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Benefit Your Garden This Easter

With spring in full flow, the daffodils in bloom and blossom beginning to show on the trees, many of us will be looking forward to the warm, sunny haze covering our gardens during the Easter weekend. And the extended break is the perfect time to get out and provide our gardens with the TLC they deserve.

For those looking to spend time in the garden this Easter, make sure it is time well spent, by following the list, below, of suggested jobs to carry out.

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Family Fun Easter

With Easter just around the corner, many of us will be looking forward to an extended break. But how is best to spend the long weekend? With the weather expected to be a scorcher understandably many of us will be looking to make the most out of the holiday. To give you some inspiration below are ten Easter activity ideas, whether you wish to go out and about, or stay at home.

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Achieve a Luscious Lawn

Our gardens are our own little slice of paradise, but before we can enjoy the flowers being in full bloom, we need to carry out some hard work. And one such task is getting the lawn into shape.

Doing this will require hard work, but it will be worth it. And to give you a helping hand, below, we’ve outlined four of the key things you should be doing straight away.

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How to Choose Your MicrowaveFrom defrosting food, to cooking ready-meals and from heating milk for a hot chocolate through to cooking custard, the microwave can be an invaluable appliance in the kitchen – if you get the right model for your needs and requirements.

Yet choosing the right microwave can often be difficult, especially when you consider the various options available. But to give you a helping hand, below we’ve outlined three considerations for choosing a microwave.

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How to Tell If Your Steam Cleaner Has a FaultWhen it comes to cleaning our homes, many of us are turning our attention to steam cleaners and steam mops. Using steam to clean is not only considered to be environmentally friendlier due to not requiring chemicals, but steam cleaners are also said to remove 99.9% of dirt and bacteria – providing a deeper clean.

However, whilst steam cleaners and mops will help you to achieve a deeper clean throughout your home; from time to time such appliances can gain faults, and some of the more common faults include:

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Don't Fear a Dirty Washing MachineA smelly washing machine is a common occurrence for many of us, and it generally occurs due to a build up of bacteria. But regular cleaning of the appliance can help to keep such odours at bay – and keep your washing machine working to its peak performance.

When it comes to cleaning your washing machine, there are a few components which we recommend you pay particular attention to, as these are the areas where dirt and bacteria are most likely to harbour. These include:

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How to Select the Perfect FreezerAlthough the freezer is one of the household appliances which uses the most electricity, due to being left on around the clock, it’s also one of the most invaluable appliances. As such, when it comes to purchasing a freezer, it’s important to make sure you’re selecting one which not only meets your needs and requirements, but is also energy efficient.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve compiled the following guide.

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