3 Simple Ways to Make More of Your Kitchen

We’ve all got our dream kitchens, from the quaint cottage kitchens with low wooden beams, deep wooden cupboards and an Aga cooker, through to the ultra-modern, sleek ones which come with touch-to-open cupboards, clinical lighting and the latest technology and kitchen gadgets.

Yet, for many of us these remain just that…a dream, due to being either too expensive to turn into reality or not feasible with the space we currently have available. But there 3 simple ways to make more of yours, turning it into a dream space, including:

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How to Clean Your Cooker Hood

From cooking a chicken tikka masala from scratch to the Saturday morning fry-up, our kitchens can become overrun by a multitude of aromas when we’re cooking. Key to keeping these at bay and filtering them out of your home is to keep your cooker hood working to its full potential.

To achieve this, you need to actively clean the cooker hood on a regular basis, as this will remove the accumulation of grease and other dirt, which if left has the potential to lead to overheating, and increases the fire risk of your cooker hood.

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Why Your Washing Machine Is Leaking & How To Fix It

An article published in 2014 estimated 96% of UK homes own a washing machine, with many putting their appliances through as many as 220 wash cycles each year, so it should come as no surprise that from time-to-time there can be issues with washing machines leaking.

There are a number of reasons why washing machines leak and the cause of the fault will depend on when in the cycle the leak occurs and where it is coming from. To give you a helping hand at locating and resolving the leak, below we look at the more common reasons.

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Gardening Is Trowel & Error - Winter Gardening You Need To Do
When it comes to gardening, winter is often seen as a dormant season – a time to take a look back at what worked and what didn’t in your garden over the last year. But there is a lot more to winter garden than this, and planning for the year ahead.

To help you make the most out of your garden over the coming months, below we’ve shared some of the essential gardening tasks you should be carrying out between December and February.

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2 Easy Kenwood Christmas Recipes To Treat Your Taste Buds

When it comes to cooking, we’re all looking for little shortcuts we can take or techniques which make even the most complicated of dishes that little bit easier. It’s therefore no wonder that to help with the baking process, many of us are turning to food mixers.

A couple of years ago, The Telegraph produced a list of their Top 10 Food Mixers for Christmas, and unsurprisingly, two of the top ten came from Kenwood – the Kenwood kMix and Kenwood Chef Major Titanium.

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3 Ways To Add An Extra Sparkle To Your Christmas

Christmas is a time for spending with family, eating (and drinking) plenty and enjoying lots of fun and frolics, with a sparkle and twinkle being spread throughout the home. And to help you get into the festive spirit, we’ve outlined 3 ways in which you can easily add an extra sparkle to your Christmas.

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Why Does My Tumble Dryer Keep Blowing Thermostats

Roughly 60% of households in the UK own a tumble dryer, enabling them to dry their washing whatever the weather. But, as with all appliances faults can develop, meaning the appliance no longer works as it should.

In this post, we look at the role the heat thermostat plays in your tumble dryer as well as the reasons for why the part can trip / blow, preventing you from getting the most out of your appliance.

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BuySpares Hits 2 Million YouTube Views

At BuySpares we’re celebrating after our dedicated YouTube channel hit over 2 million views – helping us spread our ethos of “repair rather than replace”.

Since May 2011 we have been producing a range of household and garden appliance videos, covering a range of topics from “How To Fix a Smelly Washing Machine” through to “How To Replace The Cutting Blades on a Flymo Microlite Lawnmower”.

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How To Easily Clean Your Smelly Washing Machine in 4 Steps

I’m going to put this out there; you’re not alone with having a smelly washing machine. In fact unpleasant smells coming from the washing machine is becoming a common problem faced by many – even more so, as more of us begin to wash our laundry at 40⁰C (or lower).

Whilst washing at lower temperatures is a great way for us all to do our bit for the environment and save a few pounds when we do our laundry, lower temperature washes are having a detrimental impact on our appliances, as mould and bacteria isn’t being killed off during the washing process.

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20 Top Safety Tips For Bonfire Night

Did you know that until 1959 it was illegal not to celebrate Bonfire Night in the UK? And whilst such a law is no longer in place, many of us still look forward November 5th, when we can enjoy a firework display.

Bonfire night displays can be great fun for the whole family, but it is important to make sure you stay safe. To help, we’ve compiled a guide of bonfire night safety tips, including some important do’s and don’ts to ensure you, your children and even your pets have an enjoyable November 5th.

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