It is often the Easter Bank Holiday weekend that we start to think about tidying up the garden and lawn ready for the warmer weather to come. If all your garden tools and appliances have been untouched in the shed or garage over the winter then you probably need to replace or check a few key parts before that all important first cut. This post should offer a few pointers and remember you can buy everything you need including Flymo spares and Qualcast parts at BuySpares.

Your garden won’t look sharp with blunt blades…
The blades and cutting height are key components of any lawnmower’s performance, in our earlier post we look at 5 ways to keep your mower maintained. Blades can easily become damaged if you accidentally mow over a rock or stone, this will leave them blunt and will prevent the mower from producing an even cut.

Trimmer line degrades over time…
One thing that you should definitely be thinking about replacing at the start of each season is the trimmer line as old line can be far less reliable and prone to breakages in last year’s post we looked at what to look for in a grass trimmer, you can read that post here.

Extensions and cables can make life easier…
If you have a long lawn or awkward shaped garden then the cable supplied with your lawnmower or trimmer might not be long enough to reach all areas. Extension cables and extra long leads are the ideal solution.

Never work outdoors without a power breaker…
In an earlier post we look at how power breakers can help you stay safe while working outdoors. They are inexpensive and easy-to-use as well as being suitable for use with all your garden appliances like the lawnmower, trimmer and garden vac as well as power tools.

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