A dry shave with your electric shaver is one way to get a clean, close shave every time but, like all appliances and devices around the home, you need to maintain it effectively to guarantee the very best results.

If your electric shaver is a year or so old then the cutting heads or foils may have become worn out. You can buy replacement heads, foils and cutters for shavers from the major manufacturers at BuySpares including both Braun shaver parts and Remington shaver foils.

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Foils, cutters and shaving heads need to be replaced fairly regularly, but the replacement parts are great value compared to forking out for a new shaver or hoping you receive one as a gift. At BuySpares our range of shaver parts covers all the major brands like Philips and Braun as well as all the shaving accessories you need, including universal shaver leads, adaptor plugs and wall sockets.

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