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Selection Of Gardening Tools


The clocks have gone forward, the mornings are getting lighter and British Summer Time is on its way. It’s time to get back into the garden and get it back to full bloom after a long winter of neglect. We have our top 10 spring gardening jobs to help you clear up your garden and getting it looking good ready for the summer BBQ’s and garden parties.

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Hedge Trimmer In Wheelbarrow

Sorry if we’re ruffling any feathers, but February is the last time you can safely give your hedge a haircut. From March onwards, as soon as the season starts to change, birds will begin nesting in your hedge and once they’ve built their nest they shouldn’t be moved or disturbed. It’s actually an offence to do so.

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Snowy Back Garden In Winter

In winter warm weather pests die away, branches are bare, tree and plant growth slows and flowers are few and far between. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do outside in your garden.

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Lawnmower And Garden Tools In Shed

You don’t want to get your appliances out of the garden shed to find they don’t work anymore. But there’s a danger of this happening if you store them away over winter without maintaining them first.

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Array Of Gardening Tools

What are your bank holiday weekend plans? Avid gardeners will no doubt be spending their bank holiday watering, pruning and harvesting (weather allowing of course).

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Bird Feeding On Ball Of Food

Did your parents ever talk to you about the importance of the birds and the bees? We’re not talking in euphemisms, we mean literally! If you have a garden, birds and bees are extremely useful visitors; they help to keep it healthy and to keep your plants and flowers blooming.

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Planting Vegetables In A Garden

When picking out healthy hobbies football, swimming and other sports probably spring to mind first. Gardening may not be the obvious choice, but there are numerous health benefits in tending to your flowers and shrubs. Gardening takes you outside in the healthy fresh air and lets you bask in the glorious vitamin D rich sunshine too. Still not convinced? Read on for more reasons why gardening is great for your health.

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Lawn Mower On Lawn

Did you know letting grass get too long before cutting it is unhealthy for your lawn? Now that the weather’s getting a bit warmer your grass will start to shoot up, so this Easter Bank Holiday long weekend is the perfect time to mow it (weather allowing of course!) But before your start trimming your turf, maintain your lawnmower to keep it running smoothly throughout the mowing season.

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How To Make The Most of The Seasons

“Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall all you’ve got to do is call…” but do you know when each season begins and ends? In the good old days it may have been easier to tell when each season started and ended, whereas today the seasons are more blurred.

You may be surprise to know that there are 3 methods to highlighting when seasons begin and end:

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Gardening Is Trowel & Error - Winter Gardening You Need To Do
When it comes to gardening, winter is often seen as a dormant season – a time to take a look back at what worked and what didn’t in your garden over the last year. But there is a lot more to winter garden than this, and planning for the year ahead.

To help you make the most out of your garden over the coming months, below we’ve shared some of the essential gardening tasks you should be carrying out between December and February.

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