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How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

Save Money on Your Utility BillsHow much do you think you spend on your heating bills at present? According to the Energy Saving Trust, on average half the money spent on utility bills in the UK goes towards heating and hot water.

Is it therefore any surprise that come the first sign of winter, many households have the same debate rumbling on, whether to put the heating on.

But, did you know that by taking precautionary steps, you can reduce your energy bills at the same time as keeping your home warm. Five top tips we recommend at BuySpares are…..Read more

First Day of Winter Must Haves

Winter Must HavesThe weather may have been cold for the last few weeks, but today (December 21st) is officially the first day of winter and whilst we cannot guarantee what the weather will be like over the coming months, at BuySpares we know there are a few things for in and around the house which you need to consider, to ensure winter runs smoothly for you and your loved ones.

These include…Read more

How To Beat Odours in Your Household Appliances

Smelly Washing MachineHousehold appliances in all forms can gain odours as a result of constant use. The cause of these odours can be one of many things, but often involves a build up of mould and bacteria. At BuySpares we understand the consequences that odours, and the factors that cause them, can have on your appliances.

This is why, we’ve picked five common household appliances likely to suffer from odours and explained the steps which you can take to beat unpleasant smells; so without further ado the five appliances are…Read more

4 Tips to Help Clean-up Christmas Tree Needles

Christmas Tree Decorating

Christmas is fast approaching and along with panicking over the Christmas shopping, many households will be having a debate over whether to opt for a real or a fake tree.

Over recent years, real Christmas trees have increased in popularity. It’s estimated that roughly 8.2 million are sold in the UK each year.  If you’re one of those who’ve opted for a real tree this year, you’ll no doubt be dreading fallen tree needles.

At BuySpares we’ve got three tips to help you clean up Christmas tree needles, so without further ado…Read more

Light Up The Outside of Your Home This Winter

Garden LightsA common theme for many of us during the winter is leaving the house for work in the dark and returning home in the dark, with a bit of rain normally thrown into the mix. Whilst nothing can be done about the wet and gloomy winter days, by installing outside / garden lighting around the home, you can help ensure that the walk up the path isn’t a leap of blind faith.

There are a number of outside / gardening light options available, depending on your requirements and budget, and at BuySpares we’ve selected three which we think you should be considering, in the form of….Read more

Add a Sparkle to Your Home With These Christmas Lights

Add a Sparkle with Christmas LightsThe tree’s up and decorated and the Christmas pudding has been prepared; but it still feels like there’s something missing when it comes to the festive touch within your home. Why not consider refreshing your selection Christmas lights?

From lights which decorate the tree, to outdoor lights and even light decorations; there are a vast range of Christmas lights now available to add a sparkle to any home. Below, we’ve selected a few of our favourites.Read more

The Right Heater Will Help Keep You Warm This Winter

Keep Warm This WinterFollowing the warm weather we’ve been blessed with this year, it’s hard to imagine that winter will soon be upon us, when the temperatures fall, a layer of ice can cover our windscreens in the mornings and the warm, woolly cardigans make an appearance from the back of the wardrobe.

Along with switching the shorts and t-shirts for hats, scarves and thick jumpers, many of us will be looking to turn the heating on once the temperature drops. Whilst this will help to keep the majority of your home warm, for those who are looking to maintain such heat at their desks at work or within areas of their home where there’s no central heating at BuySpares we have a range of solutions.Read more

Enjoy Your TV This World Television Day

World Television DayWhen thinking about television, we often think about endless channels of soaps, sport and reality TV mixed in with documentaries and news. In reality, whilst all of these are encompassed by TV, television’s importance in society runs much deeper than this.

In December 1996, the United Nations General Assembly recognised the importance of the television within society and proclaimed November 21st as World Television Day. As part of the day, the United Nations encourage all member states to exchange television programmes which focus on issues such as peace, security and cultural change enhancements.Read more