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Christmas Lights On House And Surrounding Trees

A great way to get into the Christmas spirit is with the right mood lighting. Fairy lights around the Christmas tree are a must, but there are all sorts of other ways to light your home ready for Christmas.

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Home Office With Laptop And Desk

Got a home office? Whether you’re running your own small business, freelancing or have flexible working arrangement, working from home has its advantages. You can manage your own time and don’t have to navigate rush hour. But to get the most out of each working day you need a productive environment.

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Burglar Entering Home At Night

When the clocks go back at the end of October and the evenings are darker, the chances of unwanted intruders increase. More burglaries occur in November than any other month and the most popular day of the year for burglaries is approaching.

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Spring Cleaning Products

Spring is a season of newness. New leaves start appearing on trees, new buds blossom and homes sparkle like new, as people get stuck into intensive spring cleaning. If you’re planning to give your home a thorough once over in the upcoming weeks, don’t forget about your appliances. Giving the machines you use regularly a good clean will make your daily chores easier and help remove bad smells around your home too.

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How To Make The Most of The Seasons

“Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall all you’ve got to do is call…” but do you know when each season begins and ends? In the good old days it may have been easier to tell when each season started and ended, whereas today the seasons are more blurred.

You may be surprise to know that there are 3 methods to highlighting when seasons begin and end:

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How to Remove Pet Urine Stains & Smells

“Dogs teach us to love, cats teach us to live”…unfortunately, no matter how much we love our pets, from time to time they can have accidents which not only leave unpleasant odours wafting through the house, but also result in stains on carpets and upholstery.

Stains caused as a result of pet accidents are problematic for two reasons:

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Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

It’s one of the biggest causes of death by poisoning in the UK, with roughly 40 deaths being recorded each year. Yet very few are fully aware as to what carbon monoxide poisoning is, how it occurs or how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

To help prevent you and your family members becoming another statistic, in this post we explain what carbon monoxide poisoning is, the symptoms of such poisoning and how you can take steps to protect your loved ones from it.

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Save Money With These 4 Videos

170 million new electrical items are purchased each year in the UK, yet as a country we recycle less than a third of these when they come to the end of their lifecycle. In fact, it is estimated that we throw away enough WEEE waste to fill Wembley Stadium six times over, every single year.

As a result, a government adviser stated at the beginning of 2014 that “families should stop buying new cars, fridges and washing machines, and instead repair them when they fail”.

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Fix It Week - Fix It For Less With BuySpares

Did you know that roughly 23% of electric and electronic waste collected from municipal sites is still in good order and only requires a small amount of repair to get it working again? Yet, we are fast becoming a throw away nation – being prepared to spend money on replacing rather than repairing appliances.

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10 Tips for Autumn Cleaning

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but it has been suggested by health experts that such a deep clean should be carried out twice a year – with the second time being autumn.

Autumn is an essential time to give your home a deep clean due to the falling temperatures outside and the heating being on, combined with windows being closed, making it the perfect conditions for carpets to harbour dirt, germs and harmful allergens.

To help you clean your home, in this post we’ve compiled 10 autumn house cleaning tips.

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