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Pouring Filtered Water Into Glass

It’s fair to say water is very important for us human beings. We’re made up of about 60% of it after all. Water in the UK is cleaned and processed carefully so that it’s healthy and safe for us to drink, but there’s still a way to make it healthier… filtered water!

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Mirowave Blender Coffee Machine And Kettle copy

Kitchens have by far the most appliances than any other room in the house. Kitchen counters alone house microwaves, kettles, toasters, coffee makers and a whole host of other machines. These appliances are designed to save you time in the kitchen, but they do add another chore to your to-do list: cleaning them.

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Modern Laid Dinner Table

If your oven has broken down you may find dinners a challenge whilst you wait for a tradesperson or a replacement part for your appliance to arrive. You may think you’re limited to fast food and other unhealthy options. However if you have a microwave, slow cooker or even dishwasher you can still cook healthy nutritious meals from scratch, without the aid of your oven.

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Cheese Fruit Olives And Juice In Fridge

If your milk has gone sour or the vegetables in your crisper have gone mouldy it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been left in the fridge too long. Repositioning your fridge’s contents could be all it takes to stop your food from going bad prematurely, but it’s also possible that there’s a fault with your appliance that needs fixing.

With summer approaching there’s no time like the present to ensure you’re getting the best out of your fridge so stop your food from spoiling with our top tips.

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Man Grilling Meat On BBQ

The tinkle of ice cream vans, jugs of Pimms, strawberries and cream and day trips to the seaside, what do they have in common? They are all iconic experiences of the British summertime and there’s arguably nothing more iconic than a good old fashioned barbecue. In May we have not one but two bank holiday weekends and even if they don’t provide sunshiny BBQ weather they are a great time to prepare your barbecue. That way you’ll be ready the first time the sun pokes its head around the clouds.

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Family Enjoying A Roast Dinner

You may well be expecting to feed more people than usual this weekend if you’ve got friends or relatives coming over for Easter. Cooking for a full house is a lot more challenging than rustling up your day to day dinners and it’s even more of a challenge if your oven isn’t working efficiently. So here are some simple steps to take to make cooking for your guests easier.

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How to Get More From Your Slow Cooker

What’s your go to dish when it comes to cooking a hearty family meal? Whether it’s a Thai green curry, a casserole or a vegetable soup with homemade bread, how much better would it be if you could take the hassle out of cooking?

With a slow cooker you can, and as their popularity continues to increase, we’ve taken a look at the benefits they bring to the cooking process, how to make the most out of your slow cooker1 and two recipes we recommend you try.

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Do You Know How to Make the Perfect Cuppa

There’s no denying it, tea is the nation’s favourite drink – with it being estimated that each day in the UK 165,000,000 cups of tea are drunk, with over 60 billion being drunk each year.

But how do you make the perfect cup?

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3 Simple Ways to Make More of Your Kitchen

We’ve all got our dream kitchens, from the quaint cottage kitchens with low wooden beams, deep wooden cupboards and an Aga cooker, through to the ultra-modern, sleek ones which come with touch-to-open cupboards, clinical lighting and the latest technology and kitchen gadgets.

Yet, for many of us these remain just that…a dream, due to being either too expensive to turn into reality or not feasible with the space we currently have available. But there 3 simple ways to make more of yours, turning it into a dream space, including:

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How to Clean Your Cooker Hood

From cooking a chicken tikka masala from scratch to the Saturday morning fry-up, our kitchens can become overrun by a multitude of aromas when we’re cooking. Key to keeping these at bay and filtering them out of your home is to keep your cooker hood working to its full potential.

To achieve this, you need to actively clean the cooker hood on a regular basis, as this will remove the accumulation of grease and other dirt, which if left has the potential to lead to overheating, and increases the fire risk of your cooker hood.

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