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Eco-friendly ways to gift wrap Christmas presents

Wrapping Christmas presents

As awareness of plastic and non-recyclable packaging becomes more prominent, conscious consumers are looking for different ways to reduce single-use waste. Each Christmas the UK throws away enough wrapping paper to stretch around the world nine times!  (Source: The Telegraph). Wrapping paper with glitter or foil decoration can’t be recycled so has to go into general waste, so it might look great but goes straight in the bin after use. Take a look at some alternative ways to wrap or present your presents and do your bit to help save the environment!

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10 ways to reduce your plastic waste

Plastic waste

You’ve probably seen the headlines about the huge amount of plastic waste (approximately ten million tonnes) that ends up in our oceans each year. This single-use plastic is harmful to marine life and has a devastating impact on the environment. Take a look at some of the steps we can take to reduce our personal plastic footprint.

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10 Creative Ways You Can Recycle Household Items

10 Items to Recycle in the HomeOver recent years many of us have been looking to get thrifty with our money. One way many of us have been doing this is by recycling a range of household items and appliances and therefore giving them a new lease of life.

At BuySpares we are keen advocates of the repair rather than replace culture, and where others may see rubbish, we see inventive, quirky and unique household items which will brighten up your home and garden. To help you on your quest of recycling items within your home, we’ve compiled the following list of 10 creative ways to recycle household items.Read more

Unusual and Useful Tips for Around The Home – Part 2

Unusual and Useful Tips for Home ImprovementAt BuySpares, our saying is “Repair Not Replace” and we’re always on the lookout for ways to help make your money go further – so far, in fact, that it just might need a plane ticket! So with that in  mind, we’re back again, armed with more cool and quirky pieces of inspiration for your home that just might make you say “Oh, what a good idea!” and other assorted exclamations of delight (well, whatever floats your boat I suppose).

We’ve already shared some ideas in our Unusual and Useful Tips for Around the Home – Part One post, and now we’ve got a handful of other money saving DIY hacks for you to try around the home.

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Hanging out the Washing just got Greener!

EcoForce Recycled Clothes PegsRecently the government has pledged to help people recycle more of their household waste, which is obviously a great step in encouraging us to be more ‘green’.

We recently started selling products by a brand called EcoForce who manufacture “everyday items made from recycled materials”, and this got us chatting about being Eco-friendly and what it meant.

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