Appliances and Appliance Care

Santa Baking In Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s especially important at Christmas time. You can’t cook dinner without your oven; you can’t keep your food fresh without your fridge and washing up will take over the whole of Christmas afternoon without your dishwasher.

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Presents Under Christmas Tree

Still got Christmas gifts to buy? If you’re stuck for ideas, treat your loved ones to appliances that’ll make their daily lives a little bit easier and more luxurious. Appliances make great Christmas gifts and there are options out there to suit all budgets.

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Lawnmower And Garden Tools In Shed

You don’t want to get your appliances out of the garden shed to find they don’t work anymore. But there’s a danger of this happening if you store them away over winter without maintaining them first.

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Carved Pumpkin In Fridge

What scares you most at Halloween? Ghosts, zombies or perhaps witches?  Probably not your household appliances. But it’s actually quite scary how poorly your appliances could be performing if they’ve never been maintained.

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Blue Gas Flame From Gas Appliance

Fixing your faulty appliances yourself can save you lots of money and keeping appliances running for longer helps the environment too. However, there’s one type of appliance you should never try to fix yourself: a gas appliance. The dangers involved with faulty gas appliances mean they should only ever be worked on by qualified and registered gas engineers.

As this week is Gas Safety Week we’ve put together the crucial facts you need to know to keep you and your family safe around your gas appliances.

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Television Washing Machine And Vacuum Cleaner

When you choose a new appliance you most likely do some research in the hopes that your choice will be reliable and efficient for years to come. But once you’ve got your new machine home, don’t forget to maintain it! Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your appliances running for the longest amount of time.

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Ice Cubes Close Up

Ice cubes aren’t just great for cooling down drinks, they can also be used to make your appliances more effective!

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Collection Of Different Screws

Ever wondered why companies don’t just use one uniform type of screw? It’s not so you have to have a toolbox overflowing with different unscrewing implements, though it may sometimes feel that way.

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Girl Taking Photo In Field

Whether you’re heading off to exotic shores, or just going on a day trip to an area of natural beauty you no doubt want clear high quality images to document the experience and prompt memories for years to come.

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Pouring Filtered Water Into Glass

It’s fair to say water is very important for us human beings. We’re made up of about 60% of it after all. Water in the UK is cleaned and processed carefully so that it’s healthy and safe for us to drink, but there’s still a way to make it healthier… filtered water!

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