Pennies £25 Million Milestone

It’s been an exciting time at Pennies recently.  The past few months have seen them exceed two incredible milestones:  25 million total donations and £5.5 million raised for a whole bunch of very worthy causes.  And just a few weeks ago Pennies had their largest week of fundraising ever, with a record breaking 105,911 donations. 

Why are we so happy to hear this news?   Well, we’re proud to say that it’s you, our customers, who have helped Pennies reach this target. Over the past three years you’ve raised over £16,000!  How?

Pennies, John Taylor Hospice and Marie Curie LogosWell, every time one of our customers buys a spare part from us, they are asked if they want to make a donation to charity, by rounding their order total up to the nearest pound.  This small amount of money is barely noticeable at the time.  But when combined with 11p here and 67p there from lots and lots and lots of orders, it turns into hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of help for our chosen charities John Taylor Hospice and Marie Curie.

So turning your order total into a nice round number makes a real genuine difference to the terminally ill and their families, making a difficult time more comfortable and less lonely and overwhelming.

Now, £16,000 may seem slight compared to the total £5.5 million raised.  But 50p seems slight in comparison to £16,000.  The whole concept of microdonations is that every donation makes a slight difference and together they make a huge one.

So every time you’ve generously donated your pennies you’ve made the world a slightly better place.  Thank you!

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